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Football and motorsport fans can now purchase tickets for the opening round of the inaugural Superleague Formula championship at Britain’s Donington Park circuit.

The two-day event will be staged on August 30/31, and prices range from as low as £20 (24 euro) for a weekend pass, and a weekend advance purchase ticket for a family (two adults and two children) is only £70 (88 euro).

Tickets are available online from Donington Park or through Ticketcorner.

“After many years of planning and development and a very intensive past 12 months, we are delighted to open ticket sales for our first event,” says SF’s Alex Andreu. “We have had daily calls and emails enquiring about ticket sales from right across Europe. We have a lot of new fans to motorsport that are really looking forward to seeing their club colours in action at more than 300km/h.”

Each round of the SF championship will be staged as a two-day event with teams contesting two 50 minute races on Sunday – the first race will be staged at 11.00am with the second reverse grid event scheduled for 2.00pm.

Each race will feature a single pit stop for tyres, and teams will hit the track for the first time on Saturday with morning practice sessions before attacking the qualifying session at 12.30pm.



  1. When are we going to know the other 7 teams? T_T

  2. As a Flamengo supporter I just can´t wait to see the races. I hope that Flamengo can have in the circuits the same glory that has in the stadiuns.

    Warley Morbeck

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