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Well, after 16 months, 274 posts, 517 categories (see above for just a selection), over 2,000 comments and well over one million hits, the Superleague Formula blog is coming to an end, ready to be replaced by a shiny new website for ‘the beautiful race’.

We’re proud of this blog, though. Mainly because, when we launched it back in April 2007, we wanted to ensure that we could build interest and enthusiasm (slowly but surely), to make sure we published news on a regular basis (so that everyone could review our progress) and – most importantly – to listen to the views and opinions of both motor racing and football fans…

Also, as the home of Superleague Formula, this blog (alongside our associated apps like flickr, YouTube, twitter, etc.) has been able to document the birth and growth of a new, exciting sport, with ‘need to know’ information mixed in with news updates and more personal posts too.

Job done, I hope, on all fronts.

Now, as clubs pursue their desire to ‘go global’, to grow their exposure, fanbase and recognition around the world, Superleague Formula will give them a new and innovative way to do this, without impacting on their football activities.

The end? No, this is just the beginning…

Welcome to Superleague Formula.



  1. According to what I´ve been following Superleague Formula still has 2 football teams to close a deal with, correct? How are these negotiations?

  2. I wonder if finally America of Mexico is going to participate. About what day will the new website will be out? And when will we know the 7 remain participants?

  3. Negotiations are ongoing, with a handful of clubs lining up to join the fray. The new site (which is set to launch today) will bring you all the news, as soon as is possible!

  4. Can you give a hint of the confirmed unknown clubs participating, please? Like the countries where they are for example.

  5. Come on! Only one month left for the first race and there are still 7! clubs which fans don´t know.

  6. This is very interesting, too bad i’ve never heard of it, here in North America. Are there any intentions of televising this type of competition across the Atlantic?

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