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Here are a few pictures from last weekend’s kick off of the “Milan Tour” at Piazza Duomo, in Milan – part of a national tour which the club is taking around Italy, with a fan interactive and a display of all the international titles that make “Il club Più titolato”, the club with the most international titles in the world.

It was certainly one of the most impressive locations SF has been at, that’s for sure!

The history of the Piazza combined with being part of one of the most important and oldest clubs in the world made it feel really special for us to be there – feeling part of history…

As you can see, the fantastic Milano weather ensured that the roadshow was packed on both Saturday and Sunday, with a lot of attention from the Milan fans, who were cheering and taking pictures with the car (if we had a penny for each picture)…

All in all, the weekend was a roaring success and everyone was very interested in ‘the beautiful race’. In fact, as more and more people recognized the car and SF, the AC Milan fans’ impatience for the competition to kick off in August was tangible. More pics here.


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