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For those who missed our previous post, here are some more pictures from the streets of Eindhoven where the Superleague Formula prototype was unleashed last weekend at the ‘Pole Position in Technology’ event.

More than 50,000 Dutch football supporters and motorsports fans were thrilled with the noise and spectacle of the 750 horsepower, V-12 powered prototype machine.

The car was taken out for two demo runs with test driver Bruce Jouanny entertaining the crowd with a number of smoke-billowing burn-outs and a spectacular donut.

“The crowd had an amazing day… and the Superleague Formula prototype really stole the show,” says SF boss, Alex Andreu. “They really went crazy for it – with the amount of noise they were making, I thought we were at a football match. Bruce did a brilliant job in the car – I think he picked out the most enthusiastic fans to perform his burn-outs and donuts in front of.

“I don’t know whether the clutch had such a great time, but the crowd certainly enjoyed it! If get this kind of reaction today – imagine what it is going to be like when we have a full field of V12 cars hitting the track.”


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